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Delivering high-quality fashion-forward menswear.



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       Delivering high-quality fashion-forward menswear.

      Trends are always changing, but the fashion-forward designers at the helm of The Jordan Craig Collection continue to stay one step ahead. Jordan Craig Clothing has a reputation for staying current in the ever-evolving world of men’s streetwear. 

      Though current, this luxury brand is the farthest thing from fast fashion. On the contrary, Jordan Craig fashion is high-end. The garments and denim in the Jordan Craig streetwear collection include high-end fabrics and finishes for polished, long-lasting style. 

      The Story Behind Jordan Craig Brand Clothing

      Jordan Craig Men’s Clothing began humbly in Jamaica, Queens in 1989. They sold their products out of three small retail shops on Jamaica Avenue. Over time, fashion-forward shoppers began to notice the quality and superlative style of the Jordan Craig clothing collection. That allowed the small business to expand. 

      Today, the brand remembers its humble start and continues to give each garment the same attention. They continue to deliver a superior product and constantly strive for perfection. 

      We’re proud to carry Jordan Craig Mens Wear in the Broadway Collection. It’s our goal to share their commitment to quality with our customers.

      What You’ll Find in the Jordan Craig Mens Collection

      Discover classic urban style for men in the Jordan Craig Clothing collection. 

      Jordan Craig Denim

      Discover distressed denim in classic streetwear silhouettes. Jordan Craig High Point Denim comes in four distinct washes for versatile seasonal style. The crinkle-baked denim and unique distressed details make every pair a unique garment. The rolled packing method means every pair arrives distressed and ready to wear. 

      Jordan Craig Cargo Pants

      The Martin Stacked Aviation Cargo Pants will become your new everyday style. The extended length inseam allows for maximum stacks. Subtle details like raw hems, decorative stitching, and subtle herringbone patterning set these elevated staples apart. 

      Jordan Craig Twill Pants

      Keep things polished and casual with Twill Pants from the Jordan Craig Collection. Available in eleven colors, from neutrals to brights, these tapered bottoms pair perfectly with your favorite pair of sneakers. The hand-formed 3D wrinkles make every pair distinct, with depth and texture you won’t find elsewhere. Deep, smartphone-sized pockets will ensure these become your go-to pair for daily wear. 

      Jordan Craig Denim Jackets

      Jordan Craig Denim Jackets pair perfectly with Ross and Sean Tribeca Twill Pants. The jackets feature slub twill in a vintage style with rip and repair design. 98% cotton means that this breathable outerwear is comfortable, flexible, and ideal for all seasons. Mix and match, wear it alone, or make it a set to achieve coordinated urban-inspired style.

      Shop the Jordan Craig Collection below and experience the quality and comfort for yourself.