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      Red Monkey Lifestyle Hats and Apparel

      Vintage Style Made to Last

      To hold a Red Monkey hat in your hand is to understand the definition of quality. These artisan-crafted accessories possess the fine details that set them apart from commercially produced alternatives. Each Red Monkey brand hat is a distinct piece of original artwork. It’s the perfect way to add a distressed, rock-and-roll energy to your streetwear style.

      American-Made for Unmatched Quality

      Every piece in the Red Monkey Lifestyle collection is American-made and sweatshop free. Portland-based artists craft each individual hat to order. They select only the highest quality, American-sourced materials for each piece in their collection.

      Artisans produce each piece in limited quantities, making individual hats rare. Red Monkey artisans work hard to ensure each piece has a one-of-a-kind character. You’ll find that no two hats are identical, despite sharing similar designs. That’s because Red Monkey craftsmen stitch, distress, and assemble each piece by hand.

      Born from Rock and Roll

      The Red Monkey Lifestyle brand has a reputation for its collection of street-style hats. Initially, however, these punk, garage-based artists used their leather working skills to create bespoke guitar straps and watch bands. Their clients included some of the world’s most successful musicians, from KISS to U2.

      Today, these entrepreneurs seek to bring that rock and roll style into their line of urban accessories. Each item in the collection is pre-distressed without losing quality. This gives each Red Monkey cap a vintage look and feel that you could only replicate with years of wear. Your hat will possess a timeless quality that no other brand could replicate.

      You’ll see designs that take their inspiration from the rodeo and racing culture. Many include original iconography, zodiac details, or under-the-brim animal designs.

      As Good as Gold

      A common feature on Red Monkey hats is the metal hardware, which adds a high-class touch to your urban aesthetic. Many of these details are gold-plated with genuine 18k gold or better. It’s clear from a single look that these accessories are luxury items. You’ll find quality details across their product line, including hats in a laid-back trucker style.

      How to Distinguish Red Monkey Lifestyle Caps

      Once you’ve seen one of our Red Monkey trucker hats up close, you will recognize their unparalleled quality. Still, there are two simple ways to distinguish a Red Monkey hat from a copycat or knock-off.

      Foremost, look for the Red Monkey brand somewhere on your product. It will be on a leather or metal component of your hat. If that part of the hat is textured or patterned, you’ll be able to feel the indentation with your fingers. Every official Red Monkey lifestyle hat includes the Red Monkey brand.

      Second, look for the stamped or embroidered logo somewhere on your product. All hats are hand-stamped, and the logo can appear in a variety of locations. That’s just another way that each and every hat in the lifestyle collection is distinct.

      If you can locate the brand and the logo, you’ll know for sure you have a Red Monkey original.

      Shop Red Monkey Hats in The Broadway Collection

      Red Monkey Hats add a touch of bespoke, rock and roll style to your urban streetwear collection. Our stock is always changing to include new, limited Red Money styles you won’t find anywhere else. Shop Red Monkey Lifestyle at The Broadway Collection and rock your connection to the culture.