How to Rock Jordan Craig Denim from Work to Night Out

Opinions on urban streetwear began shifting in 2018 when Supreme won the Menswear Fashion Designer of the Year award. In the five years since, streetwear has become a well-respected status symbol. You can find urban-inspired style everywhere, from the office to the hottest clubs in America. 

The challenge is finding premium denim brands that seamlessly transition from day to night. That’s where Jordan Craig Denim comes in. 

This premium brand has been producing the highest quality denim for 25 years. They’ve perfected the art of adding a touch of edge to versatile designer pieces. We’re fans of their high-end materials, thoughtful construction, and detail-focused design. Best of all, the brand remains affordable, offering stylish options at an accessible price point.

Your favorite jeans don’t deserve to sit on the hanger. Check out our guide to styling Jordan Craig denim for any occasion.

Dressing Up Your Denim

When choosing Jordan Craig Denim jeans for the office, we recommend choosing a darker rinse or wash. Deeper hues give off a more polished, professional look. We like the Sean-style Troublemaker jeans in deep blue or black shadow. 

In the summer months, you can get away with wearing all-white denim to the office, too. Check out the Pure Tribeca Twill Pants in white. They come in the straight-leg Collins style. These polished, comfortable jeans will transition seamlessly from casual Friday to a backyard party, beachy boardwalk, or summer concert. 

Feeling Distressed?

If you work in a more professional setting, you might want to save distressed styles (like Ambition Denim) for after work. The exception might be if you work for an artsy industry, such as fashion, design, theater, or fine art. Instead, opt for a non-distressed, unripped style that looks neat. Tuck in your shirt, and pair it with a simple belt.

Remember, the better the fit, the cleaner you look. Be sure to double-check online sizing guides to ensure you get it right. 

Top It Off With Denim

If you already have a great pair of work trousers, you might opt for a Jordan Craig denim shirt. A button-down style won’t look out of place in most professional settings. It’s the perfect unique neutral for a fashion-forward employee. Pair it with a bow tie for a playful, professional pop of color.

Dressing Down With Denim

Jordan Craig denim can also help to transform your look into a style appropriate for a night out. Slip off the blazer and, instead, slip on a Jordan Craig denim jacket. It’ll instantly turn your work attire into a casual outfit.

A black denim jacket is especially versatile. It’s your best option for date night. The piece is casual enough to lend a relaxed edge to your ensemble but classy enough to meet restaurant dress codes

Swap for Shorts

You could also go casual by switching out your work trousers for Jordan Craig denim shorts. The premium distressed details will contrast with your favorite button-down work shirt. Pop the top few buttons to relax your appearance. 

Add Accessories 

If you’re already wearing Jordan Craig jeans, swapping out your shoes is the simplest way to dress them down. Trade your work shoes for a pair of relaxed designer kicks. A great pair of fashion sneakers instantly takes an office look from day to night without much fuss. 

Finally, accessories can help you transform an office ensemble into an evening look. Add a hat, a chain, or a great watch to inject some casual personality into your workwear.

Wear Jordan Craig Denim 24/7 

Jordan Craig denim makes it easy to show off your style at the office, at home, or out on the town. Start with a versatile pair of jeans featuring the high-quality details the brand is known for.

Put our tips to work today. Shop Our Jordan Craig Collection to start creating your perfect day-to-night look.

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