The Ultimate Style Guide for Men: Summer Streetwear Edition

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Bulky silhouettes, dynamic layering, and chunky footwear typically dominate urban streetwear styles—options that don't always fare well in summer. However, men's summer streetwear doesn't need to be uncomfortable or revert back to basic t-shirts and shorts.

These are simple ways you can style urban streetwear summer outfits for men.

1. Loose, Large Silhouettes

When we think of outerwear, we think of large puffer jackets, heavy trench coats, or plush hoodies. Your alternative summer streetwear for men can still have loose, large silhouettes with relaxed-fit t-shirts and tops. A larger-than-life silhouette can be especially comfortable because relaxed fits accommodate the summer heat.

2. Classic Shorts

Denim is one of the hallmarks of classic streetwear, and denim shorts are timeless for men's summer streetwear. Like a classic pair of denim, you can pair them with anything to give an outfit an effortlessly cool feel. Best of all, you won't have to worry about the heat when you are out and about.

Cargo shorts are another option for summer streetwear for men. They offer a more practical approach with more pockets for storage, but the material is not as heavy as denim. You can also find some styles that are water resistant, which is perfect if you find yourself relaxing poolside.

3. Bold Color

Summer is all about vibrance, so let your summer outfits for men's streetwear reflect that. High contrast, especially warm colors, works well in summer. Color blocks or colorful illustrations can help your men's summer streetwear outfits stand out. Even if you want a softer palette, you can opt for all neutrals with just one statement piece in bright color.

4. Vivid Imagery

During summer, everything is full of life and verve—don't let your men's summer streetwear stay dead. Bring life to your summer staples with elaborate prints and patterns. Don't be afraid to mix and match designs for an eccentric look. 

You can still experiment with prints if you prefer modest patterns and clean lines. A simple statement t-shirt or a printed bag can elevate a summer outfit with men's streetwear.

5. Statement Accessories

Statement accessories have always been a powerful way to express a unique personal style. You can enhance any outfit with a statement hat; it’s a simple way to make a basic outfit more interesting. 

With Y2K urban fashion trends coming back in style, you can see a resurgence of bucket hats and unique sunglasses. These are all creating a rage among men's summer streetwear enthusiasts. Chunky metallic chains and minimalist leather bracelets have emerged as go-to choices.

6. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are extremely versatile pieces to have as a men's summer streetwear staple. They strike the perfect balance between casual wear and formal wear. Plus, they are extremely comfortable so you can beat the summer heat in style. You can wear polo shirts anywhere from a backyard barbecue to a business casual work environment. 

7. Lightweight Layering

Layering is one thing most try to avoid with summer streetwear for men. If the weather is extremely hot then you might choose to skip this. However, adding another layer can just refine an entire outfit. You can wear a lightweight, loose blazer over a simple graphic tee and some denim shorts to look put together. 

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