Fly in Style: Street Style Airport Outfit Ideas for Men

No matter how often you take to the skies, you deserve to look fresh on the go. Between security lines, crowded terminals, and tight airplane seats, comfort is of equal importance when you fly. How do you balance comfort and style when putting together the perfect airport outfit for men? 

At Broadway Collections, we take a layered approach to crafting the perfect streetwear-inspired travel looks. We’ll teach you how to construct an eye-catching outfit that will keep you comfortable and confident on your journey.

Think Layers

The key to still looking your best when you arrive at your destination is strategic layering. The best airport outfits for men allow you to adjust your look as conditions change.

Start With a Basic T

The staple of any airport look is a versatile short sleeve t-shirt. It’s a tried and true basic that looks great with or without a layer on top. It’ll keep you cool in a crowded security line. It’s the perfect hack for anyone whose trip is bringing them into a different climate. 

Our Pick 

We love rocking up to our gate in the Luciano Tee by Makobi. This stylish streetwear T comes in nine colors, from neutrals to brights. The sleeve details ensure you’ll look your best, even if you have to shed your favorite hoodie on arrival. 

Add Comfortable Joggers

Joggers are ideal for the airport. The deep pockets make it easy to stash boarding passes, ID cards, and all your tech. You’ll have easy access to everything you need for an entertaining trip. The soft interior keeps things comfortable, while the tapered leg ensures you look sleek and polished. 

Our Pick

The Uptown Jogger Sweatpants from Jordan Craig are the key to putting together the most comfortable airport outfits for men. Grab them in a versatile neutral like black or heather gray, or stand out in red or slate blue. 

Throw on a Hoodie

It wouldn’t be a layered style without an urban-inspired streetwear hoodie to tie the look together. Hoodies are comfy and trendy and provide extra warmth in chilly airplane cabins. You’ll be grateful for the additional pocket. 

Take advantage of the option to zip, unzip, or throw it around your waist as temperatures or conditions change. On long-haul flights, you’ll appreciate having a roomy hood to shield your eyes and catch some Zs. 

Our Pick

If you’re going with the Uptown Joggers, complete your look with the coordinating Uptown Zip-Up Hoodie. Otherwise, make a statement in a piece like the Trenton Track Jacket from Jordan Craig, with dual pockets. 

Pack a Cool Carry-on

Let your carry-on bag be the bold element that ties your look together. Tie the outfit together with a bold backpack that fits in the overhead bin. It’s the most efficient way to accessorize on the go without adding bulk. 

Our Pick

We don’t leave home without a designer backpack by Sprayground. These unique, 100% faux leather bags have built-in laptop and sunglasses compartments. The water-resistant fabric keeps them looking like new wherever you roam. The fully adjustable straps mean you can customize the sizing for ultimate on-the-go comfort. 

Putting Your Travel Look Together

When you step off the plane, you should feel as confident as when you rolled up to the check-in counter. Tie your look together with a pair of clean white sneakers, or dress it up with Chelsea boots. Complete your travel outfit with your favorite pair of sunglasses, and you’ll be ready to arrive at your destination. 

Your gate agent is calling your name. Shop our collection of streetwear-inspired airport looks before you miss your chance.

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