The Denim Switch: Girbaud to Jordan Craig

Ivan Lopez was a denim connoisseur. He was a self-proclaimed denim head, who loved nothing more than a good pair of jeans. For years, he had been a loyal fan of Girbaud jeans and had every color that was manufactured by the company. He was a regular at Broadway Collection, where he would purchase his beloved Girbaud jeans.

However, in 2012, Girbaud filed for bankruptcy, which meant that they no longer manufactured denim for American stores. This was a huge blow for Ivan, who was left searching for a new brand to love. Despite this, he continued to purchase Girbaud jeans from Broadway Collection for a few more years, but when the stock of Girbaud jeans finally ran dry, he was left with a dilemma.

Ivan would go from store to store, searching for a size 34 in any pair of new Girbaud jeans, but to no avail. One day, when he walked into Broadway Collection, he realized that they did not have a single size 34 left in any color of Girbaud jeans. This was when a helpful sales associate turned him on to Jordan Craig jeans.

At first, Ivan was skeptical. He had never heard of Jordan Craig and was reluctant to try a new brand. However, the sales associate convinced him to try them on, and he was pleasantly surprised. He loved how they fit and the room he got in the thigh area. From that day on, he has never looked back.

Ivan became a loyal fan of Jordan Craig jeans and would visit Broadway Collection once a week to purchase a new pair. He even spread the word to his friends and family, who were also denim enthusiasts. Ivan was grateful for the sales associate who introduced him to a new brand and now, he couldn't imagine going back to any other brand.

In conclusion, Ivan's journey from Girbaud to Jordan Craig jeans was a testament to his love for denim. He went through a period of uncertainty, but ultimately found a new brand that he fell in love with. He continues to be a regular at Broadway Collection, always searching for the perfect pair of Jordan Craig jeans.

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